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Child Portraits

Families cherish their child’s picture as it’s being captured in the moment each week through your observations, documentation and project displays.  Families are fortunate when centres provide learning stories, weekly documentation and/or daily digital stories using a variety of popular programs.  At Sweet Smiles Photography, we enhance this experience of engagement, belonging and expression by offering families a professional keepsake of their child’s time with you.  Our portraits and complimentary group photos bring families closer to your program and fosters the sense of belonging that builds strong healthy relationships.  

Centres have the option to choose from a variety of backdrops and themes that speak to your centre’s pedagogical philosophy and image of the child.  Our themes are styled to be fun, memorable and creative just like the children we photograph.  We strive to create unique themes that parents will love!


We understand that each child is unique and may need extra time to feel comfortable and participate in the photo experience.  Often we find that inviting their sibling to stand with them is a successful way for children to take part. Sibling photos are a great way to bring together the children for a memorable portrait for the family.