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Got questions? Hope we've covered them!

Does the childcare centre pay any upfront sitting fees?

No, there are no fees for the centre we make our money on print sales.


How many photographers are on site for the photoshoot?

We send one main photographer and depending on the number of children in the centre. an assistant may be required for the shoot. Typically it will be one lead photographer.


How long are the photography sessions?

We require 3 - 4 hours to photograph up to 60 children in one centre.  Depending on the class size, it take 30-45 minutes per class. The photographer requires 30 minutes to setup and packup after the shoot.

How many proofs will the family receive?

We provide one proof of the child for the family prior to ordering their photo package. The proof is chosen by the photographer and they select the best photo that captured the child's personality.

How long does it take to process the orders?

From the date of the photoshoot, the finished photos will take approximately 28 days to be returned to the centre. See below for the number of days for processing:

Are the photos taken used online or for promotional use?

We would never use any of the photos of the children for promotional  purposes without parental consent.

Do you have any credentials to be in a daycare setting?

Our photographers have a current vulnerable sector check.

Photos taken at the centre

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Parents receive order forms

Last day to place orders online

Photos delivered to the centre

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Photography Process

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