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You won't hear
"say cheese"
from our photographers

Behind the lens

Our team of professionals are energetic and engaging with the children.  We value the moments when children feel safe and happy as that’s when the perfect picture emerges on our camera.   We work together with the RECE’s and staff to help children feel comfortable in the photography space as their photo is taken.  We understand that children are nervous and may not want to participate; with your help we use a variety of ways to capture their attention from singing, making funny faces and sounds to having their peer and Educators stand with us to encourage the children to feel comfortable.  At Sweet Smiles Photography, we aim for this experience to be fun and engaging for everyone.

Our goal is to create an opportunity for children and families to feel a sense of belonging in your centre.  These personal photos of children, their siblings and staff can be displayed around your classroom to ensure children feel visible in your space.  Our group photos are another way for families to see the social connections children are making in your program.

Our team

Joanne Hisey

Lead Photographer

Dawn Stoutley

Lead Photographer

Our Team
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